Selecting audio input in VST Connect for Windows 10

Looking for a bit of assistance with VST Connect on Windows 10 (I’m a Mac user)

I’ve been trying to set up a session with someone who’s using an HP laptop with a Samson C01U USB mic.

We seem to be unable to select the Samson in VST connect, and are only getting the laptop mic. The only options on his end and on mine are “Low latency ASIO driver” and “ASIO4ALL.” When we go into the HP sound control panel, there are faders for both the laptop mic and the Samson, but even with the control panel fader up, there is no signal from the Samson in VST Connect.

We know the mic is working, because it can be directly selected and used in applications like Zoom.

Any ideas?



in windows VST connect uses ASIO drivers which the Samsung mic almost certainly doesn’t provide.

There are two ways to bypass this…

1 - the low latency ASIO driver from SB

They basically provide a way to use ASIO apps with hardware that doesn’t support it.

Both of these will need configuring to work with the samsung mic.

for (1) go into the “generic low latency asio driver setup” software and see if you can select the Samsung mic

or if you prefer to use ASIO4ALL select it and a “taskbar icon” will appear in on the windows task bar (google it) there you can select the appropriate audio hardware

you will also possibly have to route the i/o connections (small items on top of the channels): on the „MASTR“ channel select the output port for Performers headphones, and for „MIC“ and „INST“ the inputs where mic and git or whatever are connected.

Thanks for the responses!

It’s a Samson mic, not a Samsung.

And, where would I find the “generic low latency asio driver setup?” I have to confess to not being particularly familiar with Windows, not having used it since XP. Windows 10 is so “user friendly” I can’t figure out how to do anything with it.

Also - I’ll look for the taskbar icon and see if that makes it work.

in the search bar (the white box, normally bottom left of the screen on windows) start typing ASIO generic… and hopefully it will pop up