Selecting Audio Input

I’m using an iTrack Solo and trying to record a mono track from the 1/4" input, which is channel 2 on the interface. The only way I can get a signal is by selecting the stereo input and then I just get sound on the right. Only options for audio input are mono 1, which only draws from channel 1 on my interface, or stereo, which is described above. Am I missing something? I must be, right?

Trademark Steinberg “support.” No answer and no clue how their own software works, or doesn’t as is the case. Please don’t claim compatibility with a device if it only recognizes one of two inputs. Seriously guys. Hopefully, I am wrong, but the silence in response to this post is telling.

Hi Moon Wolf, this is not a cubasis only problem none of the other music apps I have seems able to properly identify inputs available. I use a cheap little usb audio interface which has mic,line and digital inputs. With one exception none of the apps recognise the inputs available and all default to the mic input.

The exception is…Garageband. It correctly identifies all the inputs and allows selection of left,right and stereo line inputs,mic input or digital. There is a trick that selecting the input in Garageband and then closing Garageband and loading up another app keeps the input selected in Garageband. So if you have Garageband might be worth a go.

Not one of the other app developers have addressed this either nor do they seem to show any intent to do so either.

I think there is something in IOS that apple know the others dont.

Hope this may help

Thx, Tlgdmb123. Appreciate the “input.”

Hi Moon Wolf,

  1. Select “mono input” on audio input
  2. Touch the digit “1” for one time, wich is shown in the channel display
    Result : Digit “1” changed to “2” in the audio input channel display

I am testing the Fokusrite iTrack, audio recording on mic input “1” and line input “2” works as expected.
Let me know, if it’s not working on your side.


Amazing! Thx, Hiltmann! I’ll test that out tonight. Much apprecieated.

Definitely works. Thx again! Sure would be nice if that was mentioned anywhere in the documentation and/or there was any follow up from Steinberg support.


thank you. I will make sure that this is added to the manual of Cubasis.

Kind regards,