Selecting barlines and cycling forward/back with keyboard

In Dorico 2, you could hit tab and have the next barline selected, where you could then hit shift-b to create double barlines, repeats, etc. You could also then hit tab again to move forward to the next barline, and shift-tab to go back one barline. None of that seems to work anymore with Dorico 3. The only way I can figure out to select barlines is by clicking on the barline itself. Is there any way in Dorico 3 to select barlines and cycle back and forth with only the keyboard?

LOVE the new update! I’m super into the color scheme, and my projects with 50+ flows are much faster. That alone is worth the update.


See version history, p. 58, second paragraph.

aha! Thanks for the tip. Though now it seems I’m having an issue binding Tab to a key command, as the release notes suggest. Anyone else having this issue? Any other key works fine. I’m on Mojave, 10.14.6

Heh, yes, you can’t assign Tab via the interface, which isn’t ideal: Tab causes that control to lose focus. You could assign that command to another key combination, then quit Dorico, and in a text editor edit the file keycommands_en.json (or whatever language you use) from /Users/your-username/Library/Application Support/Steinberg/Dorico 3 to replace the key you had to choose with Tab, which is indeed represented in that format as simply “Tab”. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Thanks Daniel for the suggestion. That’s what I’ll do. Much appreciated!

Hi Daniel,

I’m just getting around to trying this out, and I’m not having any luck. I’ve gone into the keycommands_en.json file and changed the key command to “Tab” and “Shift+Tab”, and it doesn’t seem to work. If I go into the Dorico Key Commands preferences, I can see that it has recognized the entries, as it says the command is there (it displays the tab icon which I don’t know how to type), but hitting tab does nothing in Dorico. If I set the commands to something else, like alt+1 and alt+2, it works just fine.

Also, is there a way to select the next/previous note if the barline is currently selected?

Have you removed the existing uses of Tab and Shift+Tab from within the key commands dialog? If not, you’ll have a conflict.

You can’t (in Dorico 3.0.1) get from a system item (like a barline) to a staff item (like a note) using keyboard shortcuts. I’ve worked around this by modifying my own behaviour: if I need to enter a repeat/double barline or rehearsal mark I do it from the caret rather than by selecting a barline.

Thanks pianoleo! That did the trick. I suppose since I edited the key command via the json file, there was no way for Dorico to let me know there was a conflict. I removed the conflict and now it works fine.

I also didn’t realize you could enter a repeat/double barline from the caret, so thank you for that tip. Does it create the barline at the grid line just previous to the caret? That seems to be the behavior based on my 30 seconds of testing :slight_smile:

Correct on both counts.

This also applies to most notations - such as dynamics, playing techniques, ornaments, etc. Which makes it a good way to input various dynamics within a tie chain, for example :slight_smile:

Very cool. Thank you both for the help.