Selecting CC data on bar lines -- have to say I'm stumped!

I can’t figure this out: normally I just select cc data on the controller lane in the Key Editor where it “looks” right, but I’ve started working on some FX cues where the my cc data edits have to snap to musical values. Normally if I need to make a selection in the Project Window directly on a bar line, I use the Range Selection tool with Snap on, but you don’t have the Range Selection tool in the MIDI editors.

You can turn on the “Auto-select Controllers” option in the Key Editor so that cc data follows note selection, but my notes aren’t on bar lines – it’s the cc data itself that I need to select along musical values.

Tried using the In-Place MIDI Editor in the Project window so that I could use the Range Selection tool, but it won’t allow you to select just cc data – it selects the MIDI notes too.

What am I missing? Never had to do this, going crazy here lol

Why don’t you continue doing the same thing… selecting a CC# event that “looks right” then quantize it?

Hi Vic, thanks for the reply. I have a sinusoidal filter sweep on a held note that needs to repeat exactly every 2 bars such that the opening of the filter is always on the top of the bar. If I don’t make the edit exactly on a bar line, when I duplicate the cc motion over several bars, it will slowly accumulate errors and get out of time with the tempo.

At this point the way I am getting around it is to create a “dummy” note that is 2 bars long, select it so that the corresponding cc data gets selected, duplicate the cc data, then delete the dummy note. Awkward, but it works. Strange that you can’t make a cc selection that respects the grid, no?

Are you trying to select a single CC# event (on a bar start), or a range of events, starting at the bar start?
Maybe you should try the Logical Editor, using “Position___Inside Bar Range___Parameter 1 (presumably “0”)___Parameter 2 (the extent of the range)”.

Ahhh I always forget about the Logical Editor!

Yes, I am trying to select a range, not a single value. I got it to work by making a Logical Preset like so:

(Type Is | Equal | Controller | And
Position | Inside Cycle)
Function: Select

The Cycle can snap to bar lines – so I move the cycle, then press a hotkey that triggers my preset! voila :sunglasses:

Thanks Vic, there’s always more than one way to solve a problem.


Great! :wink: