Selecting certain Notes in Chord

Dear Forum

it is clear to me to Filter some notes out of a chord…

I just would like to ask if there is a quick way to select certain notes with modifiers and arrow keys for example. The SHIFT+Arrow Down is an option of course, but does select every note in a chord.

Maybe there is way, just curious though.


To select all notes in a chord: select a note and press Shift+Cmd+A

Is this what you meant? Or do you mean selecting particular notes as you navigate through a chord?

Yes, while navigating through a chord, how can I highlight certain notes, if possible at all?

a) in a chord
b) in adjacent notes

but NOT using the mouse

Use just arrow keys, with no modifiers.

I think @Flower means actually selecting multiple notes rather than just navigating through them . I guess similar to Cmd+clicking but without the mouse.

@DanielMuzMurray Yes, that is right.