Selecting Channels from the Mix Console Screen


I may be missing something, but can someone tell me why it is not possible to select channels from the Mix Console Screen. I would like to select a select group of channels and then route them to a group simultaneously. When I click on a channel in the mix console it doesn’t select the channel…beats me.

Click on the channel colour at the bottom of the mixer.

I think the problem here is that there’s just so much area where clicking does something other than selecting. It’s easy to miss.

I had a case where name and color button of the channels in Mix Console have been gone, lost, desappeared…with the result that I could not select channels. After a reboot they were back…

Thank you. By clicking in the colors, I am able to select the channels.

I use to make a 1/2 square inch free space in the “Rack” area just above the fader, to use as a “safe” place to hit/select the channels.

But then again, I “hate” the new mixer, and the first thing I do is to hide the channel strip thingy and the eq from the rack area (waaay too much clutter IMO).
If I need those (very seldom) I use them from the Channel Editor.

The problem with the new mixer is that you have to “think” more than to “act”, clicking, choosing, and use the mouse wheel carefully. Sometimes the mixer scrolls and the mouse cursor ends up on the wrong place, only to change the wrong fader or parameter.
Don’t get me started on the “Hovering” business.

Sorry for the rant. I hope the first suggestion/solution works for you.