Selecting Chord Symbols for Entire Staff

New to Dorico, so this maybe was answered elsewhere.
Want to select all chord symbols (and only chord symbols!) on a single staff, and copy elsewhere.

The marquee will work, but difficult for long sections.
Ctrl/Shift- A is great for most things-- cleverly picks out only items like the first selected. But with chord symbols, won’t got to end of staff, no matter how many times I repeat Ctrl/Shift-A. Hangs up on certain bars. I changed the bar types, and still hangs-up.
I can send the file if needed.
Thought perhaps a bug with chord symbols only.

Thanks much,

Welcome John! One of the great things about Dorico is you can program custom keycommands, and those commands can have two steps. I use Ctrl+F for Filter, and then a modifier immediately after to filter for a specific type of object. I have Ctrl+F, Q set up to filter chord symbols as below:

I just Select All, or drag select, or select with the System Track, then hit Ctrl+F, Q and only the chord symbols are selected.

Yes, welcome to the forum @John_Chester – chord symbols in Dorico are global by default, which means that they’re treated a bit like system items (such as tempo marks and rehearsal marks) so they’re not included when you make staff-based selections.

If you’re selecting chord symbols to copy them to other staves, i.e. to show the same chords in the same bars but for different instruments, you don’t need to do this manually: you can instead change which staves show chord symbols.

If you want to copy a pattern of chord symbols to other rhythmic positions (ie other bars or other flows), then making a large selection and filtering for chord symbols as @FredGUnn suggests above is probably the best way.