Selecting chord symbols

Hi all. I’m new here coming from another notation program. Getting used to things in Dorico but had this question.

I copy and paste chords all the time when making lead sheets. I see that the chord symbols are in another “layer”. I know I can Command-Click (Mac) a chord symbol and then “Select More” but it is arbitrary. I know I can select a bar region with the System Track and then just filter out chord symbols. I want the functionality like the lyrics where I can click on one word (or syllable), then Command-Click another word and then “Select More” and get everything in-between. I can’t seem to get that same functionality with chord symbols.

Am I missing something?


No, you’re not missing anything.

“Select More” might seem arbitrary in a Galley View, but not in Page View. It selects the remainder of the measure, then the remainder of the system, then the entire flow.

I do like how that works, but I want to specific a certain range of bars, like a verse or a chorus. Lyrics work that way but chord symbols don’t.

I agree. Dorico is generally very consistent with actions so it would make sense for chord symbols to work the same way. I generally use Shift-click for this with other items so I also would like the ability to Shift-click a range of chords. Click the first chord, hold down Shift and click on another to select that region, just the same way it works with notes.

I agree, chord symbols feel like an outlier here.

How can I get an 8 bar phrase of multiple chord symbols to be pasted to another location? I’m only able to select 1 chord at a time.

Use the System Track to make the selection, then Filter Chord Symbols, copy and paste.