Selecting chords using keyboard

Hello to all, here is an excited new Dorico-owner checking in from snowy Norway. :slight_smile:

Quick question: I can not find a way to reliably select a single chord via the keyboard (in Sibelius you would hit Shift-Command-A) – is this at all possible? It was an essential part of my Sibelius repertoire. I’d rather not have to go back to mouse-selecting chords (my impatient finger seems to miss every fifth time or so…).


Dear Pladask,

Welcome to you new Dorician !

I don’t know the way (if there is one) to select a chord with the keyboard, but with the mouse, click on the stem or marquee select (when whole notes), it is pretty straightforward.

Thank you! That’s what I feared… Well, there’s my first feature request, for sure! Especially since the keyboard support in Dorico seems to be so very mature otherwise.

Anyway, having a part prepared for every instrument, pressing W, and then using shift + up/down arrow keys (and then W again if necessary) gets me halfway there. Doesn’t work where there are multiple voices present, though.

Wait a second - what are you actually aiming to achieve. There may be a quicker way…

It’d make my year! :wink:

If you like, see the attached file. I want to get from A (one selected note) to B (all notes in chord selected) – only via keyboard shortcut(s). Using my “workaround” I can only get to C (all notes in all chords on that point in the grid).

Hm, hang on … I guess I can get even one step closer by assigning keyboard shortcuts to [Filter -> Voices -> All Up-stem Voices] and [Filter -> Voices -> All Down-stem Voices]. Still a problem with more than two voices, but it’s starting to look a lot better.

But once you’ve got them selected, what are you doing next? And why are you going into the parts?

I don’t know, I might change the duration, cut to clipboard, move the chord diatonically, etc. I switch to a part layout (if only intermediately) because if I expand the selection using shift+up/down with other staves present above/below, the selection will often include some of that information, which is more than I want.

Ah ok. In that case I suspect I’m not much help - sorry!

Thank you for trying to help!

If I could only find a way to filter specific voices through key commands, I’d be quite happy. It seems like the section in which you assign the shortcuts is more or less “auto-generated” from the menus, and that submenu items are unreachable even though their parent “folder” is listed.

It is indeed, and that’s precisely why you can’t add shortcuts the usual way. I’ve had success using a Keyboard Maestro macro on Mac, and a Pulover’s Macro Creator macro on Windows. In each case it rattles through the menus quickly and “clicks” the relevant menu item, but it all goes to pot when I’ve got more than one upstem voice, as it’s not clever enough to actually read what it’s clicking. See a previous thread about this exact subject here:

Dear Pladask,

if I hit “voice” in the search field, I find some interesting stuff…

Anyway, if you need some macro keyboard shortcut editor, you might want to have a look at Keyboard maestro. You can do whatever you want with that tool, but you’ll have to program it :wink:
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Marc, you obviously missed post #6 :wink:

You’re right — I read it, but then I forgot about it :joy:
The real point of my post is that maybe Keyboard maestro could suit your needs… or simply the devs could provide us with a way of selecting the chord without the mouse ! For instance, write sel or select in the shift I popover :slight_smile:

[Edit] I did not see pianoleo’s post — and as always I think he’s right about the limits of Keyboard maestro… hence that proposal here :wink:

Thanks, guys! :slight_smile: I will definitely check out your suggestions later. I suppose there is no shortage of similar software for Windows (to which I will convert in a few months). If I discover something amazing I’ll make a post here for future Sibelius converts to enjoy.

I must say, though, that my aforementioned – and very ugly – solution has served me incredibly well during the last few hours.

Using normal navigation keys (arrow keys) it is possible to extend a selection by pressing the shift key together with an arrow key and the selection will be extended in the direction of the arrow. This will work sometimes to select a chord. Navigate to a note in the chord, press shift-up arrow or shift-down arrow and the chord is selected. Unfortunately the way navigation works, other items (e.g., pedal lines, text items, metronome marks, etc.) in the same vertical space also get selected.

It has been proposed several times to provide a mechanism to restrict navigation to the currently selected type of object. So, for instance, if you have a note selected then a modifier key will restrict further navigation to notes in that voice. Chord selection using this means would work well if such a restriction existed. Hopefully the developers will eventually see the benefits of a restricted navigation mechanism. This being one additional example to those previously discussed.

That would indeed do it, as long as it also restricts further navigation to that stave. If not, I would still have to use the W-trick.

I can’t wait for scripts to get deeper access to stuff, but I understand it if this is not high on the agenda.