Selecting, Copying & Pasting with tied notes

Hello community,

what is the most elegant way to deal with long tied notes if you want to to select parts of it.
Do i really have to untie everything first?

Does this thread help?

If your goal is to have the same note copied but with a different rhythmic value, you could just type a new number after the paste.

Depends on what you want to accomplish by selecting.

If you want to assign playing techniques or dynamics to a specific position in the chain, you can do that by activating note input and moving the caret.

OK i will be a bit more specific:

I need the notes of this bar somewhere else in the piece. The tied ones, that are not selected now start some measures before, but i need them also in the pasting.
As the not selected notes are not selected they will not be copied. Do i really have to untie the notes or is there a secret weapon for this. Just remind, how many steps it takes to just copy this music and then bring back the source material to its initial state… Really?

I’m not in front of Dorico at the moment, but would the System track be helpful to select the tied note material?

Nope. You have to untie and retie in this situation. Internally, Dorico doesn’t see those notes as 4 beats tied to 4 beats tied to whatever; it sees a single note that’s 37 beats long that just happens to be grouped according to some grouping rules and some barlines.

There are great upsides to this way of doing things; this is basically the one downside.

What a bummer!

I need this quite often, in film music i need a specific portion of music longer (need not to be the end) or the pattern repeated 2 times more. As soon as there are tied notes involved i am just working out untieing and restoring.

PS: same with the system track, they won’t select

By the way, you know that you can untie quickly using the caret and U, right?

It would be so helpful if the developers could enable System track staff selection to include tied notes for the duration of the bar, by detecting a tied note’s pitch and setting the duration to the bar’s duration for this common situation.

One option is to copy the tied notes as they are and adjust their length after copy in the destination, so just pressing 8 in this case to fit one bar.

Thanks for that, quite useful!

Downside: it only works for one voice and you can’t just type T to glue them together again but you have to take your mouse clicking on the first note.

If you mean multiple voices in one staff that are both tied, you can of course just type U, V, U…

Ah, ok, that’s right :wink:

But in the end i would love to just quickly select what i see without this sophisticated untie-change-voice-and-glue-back-together. Maybe with a modifier or via the system track, would be useful.