Selecting Double Accidentals

I often have the need to scan entire documents for double accidentals, and find it tedious set up the filter Notes By Pitch, selecting each note, whether double sharp or double flat, in “any octave” every time. Is there an easier or quicker way to do this that I’m missing? I can’t seem to create a macro that does much more than open the filter Notes By Pitch box…

No. But you can add functions to the macro like Tab and Shift-Tab, thereby exposing the entire operation in the Filter By Pitch window to key commands. It’s yucky but certainly possible, and if you’re needing it often, it may well be worth the opportunity cost.

How do I go about adding or recording Tab/Shift+Tab into a macro?

Since we can now record some scripts (I tried it and indeed, it works and that’s great), you might be able to start recording a script, input all the notes with double accidentals in the Filter by pitch editor, apply the filter and stop recording the script. Then you’ll find that script in your library as usermacro.lua, change the name like filterdoubleacc.lua and you should find it in the script menu.

Yes, I’ve tried that, but unfortunately after I record the actions and view the script, recording stops at Filter.NotesOfPitches. Any further action (selection of a pitch, octave, etc.) isn’t recorded.