Selecting Dynamics

Dear all,

How do I only select one single dynamic instead of all the similar looking dynamics in all instruments that are above and below that instrument? I tried pressing ctrl. before clicking but I still change all the dynamics that are at the same rhythmic position…

Have a nice day!


Dear Félix,
Select the dynamic you need and invoke the context menu >Dynamics You should find that it is either grouped (with other dynamics horizontally), or linked (with other dynamics vertically) or both, so you’ll need to ungroup, unlink, and then you can move it or delete it without changing anything else.
There’s an option in the preferences > note input to prevent copied dynamics to be grouped by default. You might check that as well if that behavior is not for you :wink:
Hope it helps!

Thank you very much, that was really helpful!

I believe the preferences option is to not link dynamics when copied. There is no option to prevent grouping that I know of.

Nice Marc, thank you. I’m guilty of fighting that one occasionally and not taking the time to really understand what was happening.