Selecting edit tool crashes Cubase

I have a project with 32 tracks of audio. No plugins. I can do all kinds of processing of the files, but 90% of the time, the simple splitting of a file or selecting another tool like mute completely crashes Cubase. It literally disappears instantaneously. No apparent crash dump

It does this on 9.5, 10.05, and 10.5. The individual tracks are two hours long.
It occurs with two different external hard drives.
It occurs when I use digital mixer interface with updated drivers or the generic ASIO driver on computer.
It occurs regardless of what mouse I use.

I have used the same Win10 computer successfully on previous projects of the same size. I did an admin level scan of Win10 via command line, and it reported no corrupted files. My computer passes latency mon tests. It has an updated NVidia driver.

Any ideas of what I can try?


Hi and welcome,

I would recommend to backup and trash all your Cubase preferences (all Cubase versions). Does it crash after?

If yes, use Microsoft ProcDump utility to generate a dmp file, please.