Selecting Editor Destination

Hi, Is there an option in Preferences that would enable me to assign a keyboard modifier to a mouse-click such that when I double-click a MIDI part it opens the Key Editor in a full window, but when I double-click the part with the modifier it opens the part in the Lower Zone?

The “Open in separate Window/Lower Zone” key command can be used for this.

If double clicking opens the editor on the lower zone, this will open an editor window.
If double clicking opens the editor on a window, this will open the editor in the lower zone.

Thanks for replying, but what I’m looking for is a way to select the destination of a MIDI part via a keyboard modifier and mouse-click.

For example,

modifier_1 + click >> full window
modifier_2 + click >> Lower Zone

Is this possible?

No, it’s not possible to map key commands to mouse clicks in the current version of Cubase. It might be possible with an external program.