Selecting every other audio part help :S

Hey all.

I am currently looking for a way to select every other audio part on a track in Cubase. But unfortunatly i do not have the luck on my side :frowning:

If anyone knows how to do this, please tell me :slight_smile:



You can select all parts/events in the selected audio track by using menu Edit (or Right click, when your Popup Toolbox on right Click is off, in the Preferences), choose Select > All on Seleced Track. Then hold Ctrl/Cmd and click the part/event, which you don’t want to select, for un-selecting this. Done.

If you have just one track, you can use Select > Invert.

That doesnt really do the trick for me. what i want to do is to be free from clicking a million times to select/de-select every other part. What i am looking for, would be something like holding down a key, and double clicking a part on a track, and then every other part would be selected. A fast method for this is what i am after.

What exactly are you trying to do? It sounds like a bit of a one-off kind of function - nothing a music software designer could anticipate I think… You might check out the Project Logical Editor for this though, could work.

I yet have to look at the Logical editor for my little project here. But i am really a noob when it comes to that kind of programming :S

I am cutting out the bassline in my track, so when ever there is a kick drum, the bassline will have a lowcut filter applied at 120hz so the bass sits nice and tight. So instead of selecting every other part of the basslines audio track manually, i want to be able to do it in as few clicks as possible since i use this feature for all my tracks constantly! :=)


Copy bass to another track, high cut bass from 120 Hz… Invert bass track.

Use a side chained gate to the kik on the inverted bass track. mix inverted sidechained basstrack with original bass track till desired lowend reduction is achieved.

Brilliant Split.!

I will try it out first thing tomorow. Thanks :slight_smile:

Oh… this is where a linear phase EQ may be advantageous.

Please explain to me why i should use a liniar phase eq.
I am still new in understanding the deeper technical knowladge! i have to go from :nerd: :arrow_right: :ugeek:

Because the “Idea” I sketched out relies on cancellation of a heavily EQ’d Part against it’s anti-twin and I would have thought that the less phase distortion introduced on the EQ’d part the better the cancellation would be?

If you just want to select all but one part on a track or tracks:

Select the track - then select all on selected tracks (from edit menu or key command - mine is control S) then deselect part(s) by holding shift key and clicking on parts to deselect.

Works for all parts in a loop too

Try reading the threads, before you post…
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I wonder how many of your other 2984 posts were as unnecessary as that one, or just as arrogant.

Well, TBH, when I came to your post, HFC, I, too, like thinkingcap, thought you probably hadn’t actually read the ten previous brief posts. That’s because someone else had already made (in effect) the same suggestion, and it wasn’t suitable; IMHO it’s natural to suppose someone who HAD read the earlier posts probably wouldn’t have repeated an unsuitable suggestion.

(BTW, “every other” seems to have caused confusion, above.)

(i.e. “selected”… “not selected”…“selected”…“not selected”…“selected”…etc.) :wink:

Unfortunately, not possible for Parts (via the Project Logical Editor), although the Logical Editor can (kinda) achieve this for note events inside a MIDI Editor (using “Last Event”).

Would you mind posting that Logical editor script? might just come in handy :slight_smile:

Upper Section…
(Optional) Position___Inside Cycle___…___and
Type is___Equal___Note___and
Last Event___Equal___MIDI Status___144/Note___and
Last Event___Every Other Event___Eventcounter___2** (might show “D-2”… doesn’t matter :wink: )

Lower Section… leave blank.

Function = “Select”.

**You can set the eventcounter to other values, for different results…e.g. “3” will select every 3rd note.

Hej Vic and all

(i.e. “selected”… “not selected”…“selected”…“not selected”…“selected”…etc.)

Unfortunately, not possible for Parts (via the Project Logical Editor), although the Logical Editor can (kinda) achieve this for note events inside a MIDI Editor (using “Last Event”).

Well - this is possible if you use my Tag System idea :wink:

First make two PLE’s like this:

Then make two Macros like this:
Set Tag £ and Select Tag £ macros.png
And then make Key Commands for these two Macros.

OK - so now

  1. Select the Track with all the Parts.
  2. Select the Part that you want to be the first of the selected Parts.
  3. Then play the Key Command for the “Set Tag £” Macro. Just hold down the assigned key(s) and quickly all the Parts on the Track will be tagged.
  4. Then play the “Select Tag £” Macro.

Voilá :wink:

All the best

I was only allowed to add 3 attachments - so here is the last PLE

And here’s a little animated GIF that shows how it works -
Select Demo.gif

  • Bo

I always keep forgetting about your excellent “Tag” combinations :blush: :wink:
(Not seen ya in a while, Bo… how ya doin’? :slight_smile: )