Selecting expression without controller

Hi, long time Logic user just switched to Cubase.

I’m in the process of setting up an orchestral template, and have my expression maps all set up. I’m using my iPad with Lemur to select while I play.

However, is there a way to “manually” select an expression without having to trigger the note on an actual controller? I tried mouse clicking in the list of expressions, but nothing happens. I cannot seem to click anything in the midi editor as well. Do I have to draw them in as notes?

And is there a way to have a default expression selected? Some of my instruments are currently having “Harmonics” as the default sound - I would like to change them to regular sustains. I assume I can create midi clips and program it in?

Hi and welcome,

Unfortunately this is not possible. You have to somehow to send the message. So you can’t just click to the Expression in the Inspector of the track, how you would expect. It’s long time feature request. You could support the Feature Request (in the relevant thread here on the forum) by adding yours +1.

Hi, thanks for the reply. I just realized that all my expression maps I purchased from a 3rd party was sorted alfabetically by the name of the expression (legato, long, etc) - so C-2 was not the first note everywhere. I managed to sort them by notes, and that solved half my problem.

I’m also connected to the MidiKinetics lemur app, so switching between expressions is a breeze - as long as everything is set up correctly.

Currently deep into template building, so I figure more questions are coming… :slight_smile: I’ll add my +1 to the request.