Selecting files for batch process

Is there a way to batch process a specific list of files within a folder? I have the file names available, but still need to manually select them all to place them in the batch.

Please be more accurate on your case.

Sure. As a hypothetical example, I have a folder with 500 files. I have a text list which contains 200 filenames which I need to process in the batch processor. I have all of the filenames which need processing in the text list, but am not able to easily use that list of filenames to bring the files into the batch queue. Currently, I must bring them all in manually, and to do so is time consuming and prone to user error.

Is there a way to use this list to inform Wavelab of which files, in that folder, that need to be processed?

Then do that:
2015-08-05 21_45_01.png

This does not work with the batch processor queue. It only works with batch processing files. .batproc

If I export the “list of all open files” in the batch window, it exports my saved batch preset files. The .batproc files. Audio file information is not exported with that process. Therefore, I am unable to import audio files from a list into the queue.

It is as if the Import menu needs a function “List of files to import to batch queue”. Presently, the import menu will only open .batproc files in the batch processor.

You must create a text file, with a text editor, outside WaveLab, with all your file names. One file name per line.
This should work. No?

I did just that, and that method does not work. That method does not populate the batch queue with files.

You are right, sorry :blush:
The function I proposed you… is a function I have imagined in the past, but that was not done.
I will push it up on my todo list.

No worries. Truthfully, I am glad that you are so responsive and I’m able to discuss this with you. The program is great, and I look forward to continuing to use it. Hopefully continuing to glean insight from you and make suggestions.

The function you proposed, technically, works exactly as it should. The desired feature is something else entirely. It is as if the Import menu needs a separate function which encompasses what we have discussed.

As a user what I would expect is:

Import -> "List of files to import to batch queue"

And that list would be the text file.