Selecting folder doesn't select automation

when I select a folder and nudge it left or right, only the audio events are selected and moved but automation doesn’t get selected nor moves.
How can I have automation points get selected as well when selecting a folder ?


How is the Automation Follows Selection setup on your side, please?

where do I check these settings ?

THe check box on the bottom!

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Thank you.
I have it checked.
The problem is that when selecting folder events and moving them. The only automation that moves is the one that’s with audio or midi events. But the automation of group levels, group sends, effect returns doesn’t move, because it doesn’t get selected when selecting the folder “events”

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So no fix or workaround for this ?

is the group track in the folder as well?

Yes it is

use range tool to select a folder section then move it. the group automation will follow.

it works on my end here. let me know if that works for you.


Oh, you are right. The tracks, which are just an automation tracks (don’t have any parent with any data) don’t move in this case.

The workaround is to select all tracks in the folder, right-click the track in the list and choose Select All Events from the drop-down menu. Then Nudge.

You can make Project Logical Editor out of it:

Filter Target
( Container Type is | Equal | Track | And
 Property | Property is Set | Parent Object Is Selected )

Action Target


Edit > Select All on Tracks
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