Selecting Headphones signal without audio hardware setup

Hi, as mentioned in another topic, there is a problem with the mr816 and large projects involving East West Play.

The current workaround is disabling mr816 integration, so I am left with the mr816 headphones out locked to studio outs, I can select if I want to send “headphones” or “studio” signals from the control room (all this is done in the audio hardware setup).

Do you know where of if I can select a different source for the headphones without the audio hardware setup?


im not sure if thats what u where asking,
u can routh the headphones from MR editor,
its very small icon of headphone on each output selection tab on MRs’ editor.
u can routh the headephone to those outputs by(dont remember exaclly how,by double click on the headphones icon or cntl or alt with left mouse clicking) when the headphone icon is changed to white “light” that output will be monitored with the chosen headphone.

But the mr editor is disabled when I use cubase…do you mean that I should do it before opening cubase and those settings will be saved?

Use the hardware editor from within Cubase (under device menu)?