Selecting in the score (Write mode)

Selecting with the mouse is not always easy :

  • selecting a single note often selects several notes (or a full chord), unless I increase the zoom

  • selecting an area doesn’t always select an area (sometimes you select a bar line or something else) unless you make a long clic and, in this case, you can see two different rectangles drawn on the screen.


As one whose ability to hit the target is not alwqys 100%, I sympathise with you Axel. Notes need to be hit on the head, and the only answer for me is to increase the zoom level. When things get really desperate, as when I want to spread the net more widely by shift clixking without losing my first catch, I resort to the lasso method, alias the marquee tool.



There are other tools available that you can use instead or in combination with clicking notes or items, like navigating from other items and using filters.

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Thanks Lillie, I know these things, but most of the time we select a single note or a bunch of notes with the marquee tool, so I think that these simple things should be improved.