Selecting insert or send fx with arrow keys not working in C13

In Cubase 12 and earlier editions I could scroll through my fx plugins with the arrow keys on the keyboard, but since C13 I cannot do that anymore. Does anybody know why this is and how I can solve it. See picture


Make sure, the focus is on the given area. If you open this pop-up, the focus goes to the search field first. You have to press the Tab to jump to the list. Then you can use the arrow keys to navigate.

Yes that’s it. Normally the focus was always correct and never had an issue with this. I do not know why in C13 this is different. Anyway thanks a lot, another problem solved.

Several people asked for the search field to be in focus. You ask for the list field to be in focus.
Steinberg cannot win.

Personally I am in team “focus the search field”.

Couldn’t they just have it so if an arrow is pressed it knows to scroll down the list, but if a letter/number is entered it knows to put it in the search bar?

Then we all get what we want xD.