Selecting Midi event solos track or mutes other tracks

Every time I select a midi event to edit the notes, it solos that track so I can’t hear it in the context of other tracks. I have tried to look through the manual but as predicted I cannot find it anywhere. How do I turn this insanely irritating feature off?

Found the “S” at the top of the piano roll… ON A REDDIT FORUM!

Your docs are woeful and this default behaviour is absolute dog$#!t interface design. How do ppl enjoy using this software?

The documentation for this is actually clear and easy to find.

If you simply go to the Key Editor section of the manual for an overview

And then look at the entry for the Key Editor Toolbar

Thanks Steve, appreciate that.

No sorry I disagree, the docs are objectively terrible and stems from poor keyword search and burden of prior knowledge i.e. you have to sit down and read through the entire docs which is not how docs are supposed to work. If I can’t search for the answer, then throw it in the bin and start again.

Looking at that section there was no way I could have found that easily. Before you object it doesn’t matter if you, who I assume is a reasonably experienced user, can find the answer. If a new user cannot and this is a common complaint, which indeed it is, then the docs are trash end of.

I have worked as a software engineer for nearly ten years and searchability is a key factor in documentation transparency. They need to be improved, it’s an absolute joke.

The format of the manual chapters has not changed since I started using Cubase VST in 1991. The window is presented, then the toolbar items are listed. When I started out, I read the one, then the other.

I would say, our observations are subjective, not objective.

So the docs haven’t changed since 1991 (that’s not good) and you had to read them through, which you needed to do because that’s how they are setup to be ingested.

so… exactly one of the things I said that are the core problem…

Well my friend with respect you would be mistaken, I’ve coughed up better documentation.

Well… sigh… I have almost 40 years of software development behind me. IT is an absolute joke to say that the Cubase Doc is objectively for the bin. There are things to be improved, for sure. But - the documentation is quite helpful and lines up well with other fine documentation.
No need for a generalizing and objectivity claiming rant.

What is it with old ppl on this forum?

Go and google search cubase docs, you’ll end up at version 9 and there is no indicator unless you look at the url…

Anyway whatever, I don’t need to prove myself to boomers that use old tech. Cubase sucks.

Have a good one.

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Thanks for the good laugh ! :smiley:

You successfully proved how unbiased you can approach a topic!

Live well!