Selecting MIDI Input Channel?

Having used Cubase for over a decade, I’m pretty embarrassed to have to ask this…

How can one select a MIDI -input- channel for a track?

I’m trying to use my laptop as a ‘rompler’ with Cubase. So I’ve got all the sounds I want loaded as separate tracks in a CPR with no events. All tracks are selected and Record Armed.

I’ve got an M-Audio Axiom keyboard and my idea for switching patches is to simply select the Global Transmit Channel on the keyboard and thus select a patch if I can figure out how to get each Cubase MIDI Track to only ‘pay attention to’ a single MIDI input channel from the same MIDI controller.

IOW: When I go to the Inspector, I can select the M-Audio as my ‘in’ but I can’t figure out how to go to the next level and tell it to only receive input from that device on a particular MIDI channel.

What’s the trick?


Input Transformer?


I’m trying to get the M-Audio Axiom’s ‘DirectLink’ to work now… if that doesn’t do the trick, I’ll go here. I didn’t start with this because I guess I =assumed= the transformer would add some sort of latency/delay… also it looks complicated. :smiley: Maybe not.



Yep… Input Transformer :wink:… there’s even a full set of presets included (in the Input Transformer presets subfolder, “Channel Filtering”).

Bon soir, Fred… er… Vic :smiley:

I use the Logical Editor all the time… I just never had a need for MIDI input stuff… in fact, I can’t recall the last time I actually looked at a MIDI input channel or any of the MIDI plugs. Good to hear they have presets! The lack of presets with the LE always drove me nuts.

Anyhoo… I just spent the last few hours working with the M-Audio Axiom keyboard and DirectLink. And… Zoot Allures! IT WORKS! I mean it’s frickin’ UNBELIEVABLE!

I guess I just expect -everything- with DAWs to be fiddly, but I’ve been trying to get it to break and I -can’t- It just seems to work -well-. I load up a CPR with all my VSTis as MIDI tracks and et voila… All I gotta do is press a button on the keyboard and it selects the proper track. The transport buttons work—every time! WOW.

Call me easily impressed, but after years of trying to get a Mackie Control and a Houston and StudioLogic whatever and a CME UF8 to work, I had pretty much given up on this. FANTASTIC!

The -only- downside is that I DirectLink doesn’t seem to work with Cubase LE which -blows-… but it may be worth the dough just for this.

Oh and did I mention that the laptop playback is -great- and that the BabyFace is fuckin’ AMAZING!

Sorry… I know this sounds pretty mental right now. I’m so used to -everything- DAW being a hassle and this is the first time in -years- when something worked this well.


yep, I know what you mean :wink:… it’s a real love-hate relationship… the neighbors have occasionally heard me screaming insults at … someone… when in fact I was simply alone with my computer! :smiling_imp:

:laughing: very familiar phenomenon…

ive easily spent more time over the years fighting the computer instead of recording…
that why i bought Artist 6…but…even though cubase works well, nothing else
seems to…someday.