Selecting Midi Note Length 'Triplets'

I’ve been exploring the Logic Editor during my trial period for Cubase 8.5 and so far it’s an amazing DAW with many customizable in depth features!

Question: I’m creating some shortcuts within the lemur app and trying to figure out how you’d select triplet notes within a bar. I was able to program to select the others i.e. quarters, 8ths, 16ths. Does anybody know how to do this within the midi LE on what value setting that needs to be for the parameters ? I’ve attached a screenshot (currently set to 8th note setting).

Thanks in advance, hoping somebody knows!


1/4 T length is
1/8 T length is
1/16 T length is

Set these Values as Parameter 1 in the 2nd line.

To check the wanted length, just draw a MIDI Note with the wanted length, and check the Length parameter in the Info View of Key Editor (or other MIDI Editor).