Selecting Midi tracks-feed back

When i select a new midi track,or instrument, it automatically sets it to record,but the problem I’m having is I get “feed back” for better lack of words.
This happens if a select “all midi inputs” as my input source for the select midi or instrument track, it does not happen if I select say USB Keystation 88 as my input source
The track selected starts to feed back into its self,which cause bad looping feed back into mixer.
I also show a constant midi in signal in the transport that pulses like a click,even when stopped (and no track is in record mode)
I have a MOTU midi express XT,and it shows no midi activity
I’m on MAC, OS 10.9.5,so I use Audio midi set up,and I cannot see any activity there as well.
Any thoughts would be appreciated

Ok,I figured it out,I have a Presonus Faderport hook up and it was causing the problem.
I case anyone is on a MAC and needs a great midi utility, I used " Midi Monitor",great fee app for trouble shooting midi issues.
Everything works fine now.