Selecting multiple clips

Is anyone else finding the click and drag behaviour to select several clips weird? It works OK if Video Follows Edit mode is off (as long as the playhead isn’t near a clip), but it’s almost impossible to select multiple clips with Video Follows Edit mode is active. Toggling it on and off just to select clips is annoying.

Have you tried holding down the shift key when you’re selecting clips?

I use Video Follows Edit mode 100% of the times and don’t have any weird behavior when selecting multiple clips. Yeah like the guy above me said, hold down shift while dragging to select. Also allows you to start dragging on top of a clip without moving it.

Yeah, tried holding down shit (and other modifiers) whilst clicking and dragging and it only selects the clip nearest the play head.

Fixed! I had “auto select events under the cursor” on in Prefs!