Selecting multiple music frames

is there a shortcut to select multiple music frames for padding instead of ctrl-clicking every single frame?
Thank you very much.

How many are you wanting to change to the same padding values, and is it more than half in the layout? If yes, change the default value for the layout and then change the smaller number to a different value manually.

Ctrl/Cmd-clicking is the only larger selection method I can think of for frames - other tools like Select More are for music primarily.

Depending on how the frames are laid out on the page (e.g. if there aren’t text frames or graphic frames interspersed) marquee selection is quick.

Thank you for the super fast answers.
That’s what I thought.
I wish to change the padding for all the frames in one particular flow (20 pages)
The project is much longer so I can’t change the default values for the layout.
I must select the frames one by one. A bit tedious.
Thank you very much

Why not create a new master page with the padding values set on there, apply that from the first page of this flow onwards, then reinstate the Default master page at the start of the next flow?

Other options include altering the Default and a custom master page such that the top/bottom margins of the music frames themselves are positioned higher/lower on the page and assigning those to the relevant pages. I often do that - I have a “shorter music frame” master page that I put on pages with fewer systems or similar.


What a stupid not to have thought about it!
Neat and simple.
Lillie for president!