Selecting multiple round handles in Spacing Note mode

I have tried to select several round handles in Spacing Note mode at the same time (avoiding clicking them one by one), but not success…
I though that selecting several square handles ant pressing TAB will made the trick, but it only selects the last of the round handles. If there is not another way to do that, it would be nice to apply the TAB feature in this situation.
Just a suggestion.

Unfortunately you cannot multi-select round handles yet.

(and I agree, multi-selection via shift click then tabbing would be nice.)

Multi selection of circle handles is a much needed feature. Select all squares, hit Tab, all circles selected!
The only alternative (I think) to avoid endless clicking of circle handles/declicking of square handles on a large group of notes is the Voice column X offset. But, if that group of notes are “on-the-beat” grace notes which need to be moved to the correct rhythmic place, I must apply that propriety on grace notes and regular ones separately, because when both are selected the Voice column X offset box don’t show up.
Doing it on the Note Space editor in one simple Tab hitting would be fantastic.
Please, Dorico team, make life easier for us!