Selecting notes with ties anywhere

Hi there! First of all, this is not what you think. I realise that tied notes are a single entity in Dorico and I happen to think that’s wonderful. My issue is precisely because there’s specific instances in which Dorico seems to think of a note with ties as two separate things. What I mean is this, in practice:

Suppose I’m in an orchestral project in Dorico. I have a full orchestra with woodwinds, brass, percussion, piano soloist and strings. Suppose I want to select just a specific passage but only in the strings so I can play it back (using P to play from selection), so I take my cursor and click on the first note in the first violins and look for the last note in the double basses and click on that. Now everything is deselected! I’m back to square one! Why? Because that specific passage where I want to start playback is the second bar of a tied note in the double basses and it’s simply not selectable unless I click on the beginning of the note. This happens so often to me and it goes against the philosophy of “a tied note is a single note that happens to have ties”… It would be very nice to be able to select a note (with ties) wherever I happen to click on that note (regardless of whether it’s the first, third or hundredth bar of a tied note). Just my two cents.

Also, I wasn’t sure if I should tag this as #issue or as #feature-request, so I did both. Sorry!

I read this… and gave up. Sorry.

I have exactly the same problem. Click the measure after the last note in the double bass. That usually does it for me. Also try clicking on the note itself and not just in the measure where the note is.

It’s quite simple, really. But perhaps I worded it in an unnecessarily complicated way.

In this example from the screenshot there is no way to select the notes by clicking the second bar. The only way to select them is to click on the first bar. Now, in this case it’s rather simple. But when you have much longer notes and many more instruments you can see how that becomes complicated quite quickly.

Hi James! Ah, I see I’m not the only one, then. I usually do click on another measure later, but sometimes when tied notes are longer (which can happen) it’s a bit more complicated. I realise it’s not a “make it or break it” kind of thing, but it’s a pet peeve for sure. Btw, clicking the note itself anywhere except on the first note of the tie chain will not help, as I’ve often found and had to start selecting again.

This becomes more annoying when you’re trying to get to copy and paste instruments that are far apart in the score and just when you’ve managed to get all four or five of them, the last one with the tied note gets you and you have to restart… Anyways, end of rant.

Not providing an answer to your specific problem, just a reminder : Undo will undo the last deselection, so everything should be selected again once you invoke it :wink:

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Good point, Marc. Merci beaucoup! J’avais oublié :sweat_smile:

If you want to start playback from a particular point in the middle of a long chain of ties and there’s no starting note that’s convenient to select, don’t forget that you can select a barline and play from there, which can be useful.