Selecting objects that sit within the shaded bar markers

I don’t even know what the shaded bar markers are called so can’t even search for them! Over each bar is a blue shaded rectangle with the bar number in it - if I click on it I get a dustbin on the left and an empty square on the right. What are these rectangles? Is it possible to switch them off?

If not, and an e.g. expression marker sits completely in the middle of the shaded rectangle, how can I select that marker? If I try to click on it I just end up clicking on the rectangle instead.

press Alt+T to make it appear or disappear.
it’s called “system track”, not exactly the most intuitive name for an item in a music engraving program, but, well… now you know :grinning:

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Plus, it’s super handy for selecting/deleting stuff, if you have a mouse-centered workflow! And it deploys the “Insert Mode-taming red bar” and even adds measures!


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