Selecting one midi event selects multiple events on different tracks

Hi, first time poster. I have seen similar posts in the forum but they’re either not the same or there’s no solution that I can find.

My issue is that when I select a midi event, multiple events are automatically selected. I’ve confirmed that the parts are not grouped, the folder containing their tracks is not grouped, they are not shared copies. If I rename one of the events, they are all renamed, but I can edit the midi in individual events, without other events being affected.

It’s painful at the moment - I’m rendering events in place, and all of the selected events are being rendered. Driving me nuts, I’ve obviously done something as I’ve been working but have no idea??

Any help appreciated, thanks in advance.


Could you attach a screenshot, please? Maybe we will notice something.

Hi Martin, thanks for coming back to me. So, I opened the project to take the screenshot and everything is fine??? I’m going loopy!!!

Apologies, but I’ll keep an eye on this.


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I had the same issue today and found out the events were grouped although the “group editing” option is not active on the folder track.

To ungroup the events, select one of the events (which will select others grouped events) and simply press “k” on your keyboard. Then, select one event and it should be ungrouped.