Selecting one note of a chord

Started using Dorico Elements a few months ago but have been away from it for quite a while - still a new user.
I’m not able to select a single note of a chord entered in chord mode. I’ve tried every key combination I can think of. Sometimes I’m able to select or deselect one note of the chord with a Command-click, but not always. What am I missing? Any clues?

I admit I’m using Dorico Pro, but once I select the chord or any note in it, I can cycle through the individual notes with the up and down arrow keys.

Cmd-clicking suggests you’re aiming to add or remove from a selected bunch of notes.

  1. You need to work at a sensible zoom level.
  2. Make sure you don’t click the stem or the beam.

Note that Cmd-Z is very forgiving; it really will undo just the most recent thing.

Yes, Derrek, this is it!

I am totally enamored or Dorica compared with Sibelius. It’s SO much more logically laid out, and the overall user interface is visually quiet and pleasing. As a designer I appreciate that a lot.

That being said, there a LOT of keyboard shortcuts to learn and remember.

Thanks for the assist!

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ace is

I click on a note, which frequently selects the whole chord. Then I use keyboard arrows left and right to move away from the selection, which selects only one note, and then back to the chord. Only one note is selected, so I use up/down to get the note I want.

Now if only I could learn how to select two notes in a chord using the keyboard… shift-up/down selects the entire chord (and sometimes notes on a totally different staff!)

If you find you have selected the whole chord, you don’t need to move away from it. Just use the up and down arrows to cycle through the notes while you’re there.