Selecting ornaments with notes or chords?

Sometimes when I am attempting to copy a note or chord to elsewhere I’ve noticed that it doesn’t come with the attached ornament, such as a trill or arpeggiation (wavy line). I’ve found that when attempting to manually click+add the ornament I have to be super precise, otherwise I end up selecting the whole measure or selecting the ornament but deselecting the notes on accident.

Is there any way to link them together so when clicking, moving, and copying notes or chords the relevant ornament comes with? Of course there are times you may not want this, so I’m wondering if there’s a toggle or menu preference somewhere I’m not aware of…

No, there’s no way to automatically select ornaments when selecting notes. You will indeed need to select them yourself if you want to include them in the material you’re copying and pasting.

Understood. My issue is that selection is about 50/50 accurate. Sometimes I shift+click (zoomed way in) or lasso the notes and the ornament, and yet the ornament doesn’t get selected at all. But sometimes it does with no difference in my action, with no rhyme or reason. Is there any reason it’s not precise every time when I click directly on the ornament or include it within a lasso selection?

No reason I can think of, no. I think if anything people tend to find the click areas Dorico uses for items a little too large, rather than too small.

So after doing some testing, I believe I am observing that the lasso-based selection has a certain threshold to what it will accept within its boundaries. In other words, if the ornament is within the lasso but fairly close to the edge, it will not get selected; but if the lasso boundary is drawn out a little wider the ornament will get selected, as seen here:

dorico selection

In short, even if the lasso appears to include the ornament, Dorico will only accept it when the lasso boundary is larger. Now I know.

Lastly, in answer to my original question, I discovered by accident that shift+clicking on any notes or chords with an attached ornament will include the ornament in that selection! I tested on various ornaments and it is consistent, so it appears after all that there is a way to automatically select ornaments with notes :slight_smile:

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