Selecting Playing Techniques with notes

I had never noticed this before: I selected a "cello note that had pizz attached to move over a beat with option arrow and didn’t notice that I had not also selected the pizz. When moving the note, the pizz therefore disappears.

It’s easy enough to make sure I select both the note and the PT but I’m curious as to why they are not attached for single selection. I’m sure there’s a good reason.

My only guess is that as the pizz was at the same rhythmic position as a note and then you moved the note, it felt that it wasn’t needed anymore (since there was no note at that position and Playing Techniques aren’t attached to notes). Just a guess!

Did the pizz. indication remain at its original location or disappear altogether?

Disappears altogether.

Strange…, I tried and the pizz. remains at original position (new Project).
CleanShot 2024-03-14 at 01.09.41

move it right then back… (mine disappeared!)

Hmm, I have never observed that playing techniques can attach themselves to notes automatically unless they are both selected… though that might be a nice feature, to be able to select a note and link it to a playing technique so it auto-selects.

For me, when I want to select both the note and the nearest playing technique, I hold shift+click on the note in question. Doing so will invariably select the playing technique above it. I can see many cases where you may not want to select the playing technique or have it attached, such as moving notes over so you can add more notes before that while still keeping the playing technique marking where it is.

With regards to your other issue, I noticed that in the past where it will disappear when I move a note back, and I learned it has something to do with the overwrite modes. If you press ‘Q’ (chord mode) and then return the note to the left, it will no longer overwrite ‘pizz.’ However I discovered this on accident one day, I don’t think it’s very clear (most people probably won’t think to turn on chord mode), and regardless probably in most cases users do not want text or playing techniques to be overwritten by default when moving notes… For me most of the time I’d rather remove playing techniques and staff text manually as a separate task.