Selecting Previous or Next Event while Working in Editor(s) on another event


There is Project > Track > next, Project > Track > add next, Project > Track > prev, Project > Track > add prev and It works if one is working say in Key/Score editor. I was wondering if there was similar to this for selecting events forward or backward in sequence. Any workarounds or LE solutions would be appreciated.



You can use just the arrows left/right.

Hi Martin,

This works only if you are in the project/arranger window. I want to do this why I am working in an editor. If I use arrow keys, it traverses through the notes.


I see. Then the focus is in the editor and I can’t imagine any of the “move object” commands would work on the project level.

I wish there was a way! This way you don’t need to go to project editor to select events for editing.