Selecting regions of music WITH chords

I’m in 3.5, just in case any of this has changed in v4.

I have a score (soprano, alto, and 2 piano staves). The piano stave has both notes AND chords written into it. I need to transpose measures 1-55 (but not measures 56-end). Each way I do it leads to a different frustration. I’m in Write mode, in Page View.

  1. First thing I tried: if I click on any note in measure 1, then shift-click on any note in measure 55, the entire contents of m1-55 get selected, except for the chords. Why? Is there a way to include them in the selection? I tried shift-clicking on a chord to include them, but it doesn’t work. The end result is, if I use Write > Transpose, it doesn’t transpose the chords.

  2. I switched into Galley View and tried simply dragging a rectangle around the measures. Here I encountered a different odd problem. Let’s say m1-3 are currently visible in the window. I can drag a rectangle around m1-3 and if I do that, notes AND chords are selected (that’s great). But if I try and continue to drag the rectangle off-screen to include m4-55, it doesn’t drag. So I can’t seem to select m-155 via a selection rectangle.

  3. I tried the rectangle idea around m1-3, then shift-clicking in m55. Doesn’t work. If I do this, it mysteriously UN-selects the chords, though it does select all the notes.

  4. Back to page view, I discovered that I can rectangle-select an entire page at a time, which DOES include chords. So now if I zoom out until the score is microscopic, I can sort of get m1-55 into one rectangle, except I can’t read the measure numbers anymore, so I’m playing a guessing game.

There must be an easier way to do this? But if there is, I’ve tried every obvious method I could think of.

Use the System Track to make the initial selection. Shift-clicking only selects staff-attached objects, and chord symbols (along with tempo markings, system text, rehearsal marks etc.) are system-attached objects.

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I also was going to suggest using the System Track, but (for me, at least) it behaves the same way as you have described when using the other methods of selecting. In both Dorico 3.5 and Dorico 4, if a measure is selected so that the chord symbols are selected, the chord symbols become deselected if the selection is extended beyond that measure.

Edit: if the System Track is used to make the end-select measure, the chord symbols stay selected. But I have found that for long passages, I can’t always select the end-point reliably.

Edit no. 2:
I think I have worked out how to do it reliably -
Deselect all notation.
Click the System Track above the first measure, but don’t click in the select box.
Shift-click the System Track above the final measure. Click in the select box in the System Track above the final measure.