Selecting Sample and bit rate to record

I have been unable to fully understand how to set the sample and bit rates to record in the record pane in Mac WL 8.
Every time I click on a field it immediately closes and leaves me at default 16/44.1. I want to record audio at 24/48 from my apogee Rosetta 200 which is AES and word clock locked to a MOTU 896 Firewire interface to WL via my mastering Mac Quad core.

Steinberg support says this…If your sound card is set to internal sync you just go to project, project setup and the changes can be made. If you however are using an external sync device you need to change it on the hardware itself.

That’s all fine and dandy except for the fact that I can’t even find “PROJECT SETUP” to begin with in Mac Version WL8.

I really need to able to record at 24/48 then dither down through the master section. Seems to me that when I have converters of this quality I should be able to do this. Never had any trouble with Peak Pro doing it.

Any help greatly appreciated

Options → vst audio connections

Thank you for the reply but I still don’t see where I can select a sample rate and bit depth on any VST pane. I use VST obviously to select my input/output device settings in this case the Motu 896…

Are you saying that if I have the MOTU set at 48 WL will simply record it? where does the 24 bit depth come into play.

The sample rate is the one of the audio file to play.
Your audio cart must not be in slave mode, else it must already be at the correct sample rate.