Selecting samples for drum kit in grove agent 4

I know I will sound retarded to professionals here, I had this program for over 2 years now, and it would be nice if I can customize my drum kit to match the other drum kit that plays nice drum loops. In other words I want to take samples from that other electronic drum kit into my acoustic drum kit to play those rolls with electronic sound. I tried to watch dozens of youtube videos, there is nothing on it there on how to assign notes to kits. If I open media bay from cubase, grove agent disappears, if I open media bay within grove agent / load/ browse then it seems like I can drag it onto the pads, but if I try to drag it on top center of the pad, little ex appears and nothing changes, even if I drag it in one of the middle or corner sections of the pads, I saved the “steady roll” drum set with another name in case it didn’t allow to overwrite the original kit, but same problem.

Sounds like you’re using the full version of Groove Agent 4.
You can’t import samples into the Acoustic Agent kits, of course. These use a completely different structure compared to the Beat Agent (electronic) kits.

Here’s what you can do if you’re using the stock drum patterns:
-Load acoustic drum into Kit 1, electronic drum into Kit 2
-Click the pattern button, then the edit button.
-Click Overview, then hold Alt and drag the acoustic patterns you want to use into the electronic pattern slots right next to it.

Now both acoustic and electronic drums will play the same pattern when you press the pattern pads, or play a low key on your keyboard.

Click the instrument button and highlight one of the kits to be able to mute the drum pieces that you don’t want to hear. If the notes on the electronic drums don’t match with the acoustic one, drag the sample pad with the correct sample into the one playing the wrong one, and highlight the second option to swap their positions.

Thanks, it seems simple but this does not work for me - Is there a way to replace drum sounds from another kit in the same fashion? that would be perfect, because it would give me more control, your second part of the post is what I’m trying to understand, I think that’s what I need to do, can you expand on that a little, dragging of samples from one kit to another?

Drag and drop only works within the same kit. To copy something from one kit to another, right click the pads.

BOTH METHODS ONLY WORK WITH BEAT AGENT KITS. Samples from Acoustic Agent kits can’t be replaced or moved at all, because this would break their scripting. In this case to play sounds from another kit you’ll have to use MIDI. The instructions I posted above are the simplest way to do that if you want to use the internal drum patterns.

The precise name of the kit is Steady roll in the rock section. Maybe I don’t understand something, or misunderstand how these things work, but it seems to me that this acoustic (I assume) drum kit has already been sliced up and made to function like a midi since how can it show each pad as it is being played, and how can the speed change so easily without affecting the sound, so why can’t I for example change just the base drum sound in the kit that plays the patterns?

That’s an Acoustic Agent kit. When you play the bass drum, it’s not just a single bass drum sample playing alone, there are 2 bass drum mics, and you also have the room mic, the overhead mics and the snare mic bleed. All of these mics were recorded at multiple drum hit velocities, and there’s also round robin samples (multiple hits recorded at the same velocity to avoid a robotic sound).

These kits are too complex to allow for the kind of editing you want.

Oh ok, no problem and thank you very much for the explanation, saves me a lot of head ache hehe :slight_smile: