Selecting similar feature could be improved.

I believe the “selecting similar” feature could be improved. The “tonal” and “transient” narrowing selections are all nice but the selections could be improved by adding a “harmonic” selection. That way you could find similar patterns based on the overtone and harmonics.

Also I believe the find similar feature could be improved overall with detecting similar rhythms and sequences in the spectrograph.

I see my post has not had any replies nor any interactions. Can anybody see my posts? Did anyone understand me or had trouble understanding my post? Was I shadow-banned?

BTW, great job to the developer (Robin Lobel). You did a fantastic job with spectralayers and I really like the latest version 7.

I don’t quite remember your first post, but definitely see both now. Nice suggestion. Usually Robin does comment on most suggestions. Let’s see!

I didn’t realize responding to your posts was a requirement. Most of the time I just read things and move on.

Have in mind that this week has been probably the busiest in years.
A few hours ago, Steinberg released Cubase 11 which includes SpectralayersOne, a special version that has surely required Robin’s attention, at least in the previous weeks.
Furthermore, Magix released a new update (201) for Samplitude, the second important one after this year earlier version X5 release. This update is supposed to fix several important issues, except that in the middle of its release process a new ARA2 issue was found, it affected both Melodyne 5 and Spectralayers 7 function. Well timed, Celemony just updated Melodyne and it solved Samplitude related issue.
… However, Spectralayers 7 issue remains and thus Magix halted Samplitude update release completion and has addressed Steinberg (who is most surely involving Robin) in the ARA 2 fixing work.

Indeed, it has been some busy weeks :slight_smile:

Suggestion duly noted.