Selecting single notes with marquee selection

I’m trying to select just the top note of these chords with the marquee selection. Unfortunately the result is all of the notes:
Is there a way to change this behavior / use another method to quickly select all of these notes? Selecting them one by one is a bit of a pain

Drag a marquee selection that doesn’t include the beams.

Alternatively select the lot and then Filter top notes.

It doesn’t let me drag from below the beam.

Yeah, luckily, this works in this particular case.

You can certainly start below the notes and drag a marquee to include only the desired noteheads.

Ahh OK I think I managed to it. The thing is you can’t drag from inside the staff, so that works only if the beams are high enough outside of the staff, that you have an area you can drag between the beam and the staff

Yes, just select the noteheads you want. Ignore the staff and the beams.


You picture showed a situation of selecting bottom notes when the beam is up. In my situation I wanted the top notes

Quite right. Sorry!

My preferred way here is to zoom in a bit using Z, then Ctrl-click them one at a time. Pretty fast.

Or, faster and easier: With both bars selected, Ctrl-click the bottom notes. There appear to be only 4 of them.

But I would filter this. I have set keyboard shortcuts for filters.

But @Mark_Johnson, Sachar wants the top notes.
And yes, I would use filtering too.

Ctrl-click to deselect is what I mean.