Selecting Steinberg VST patches vs. non-Steinberg VSTpatches

Hi forum,

Been away from Cubase for awhile but back after upgrading computer and now at latest Cubase software. My question is about working with VST instruments and selecting patches/sounds. If I load a Steinberg VSTi, like Spector or Groove Agent, I am able to use the rack view to browse through various patches. Likewise I can use MediaBay to browse for patches based on attribute. Is it possible to do this with NON-Steinberg VSTi’s? I use Native Instruments, Arturia, etc. If I load up a NI instrument in the rack (say Absynth) the sound selection field in the rack just says “Disabled”. No ability to use MediaBay as well. As a result, the only way I know to browse for sounds is to press the “e” button on the rack to bring up the Absynth, then use its browser to search for sounds. Is there a better way of integrating in sound selection via Cubase for non-Steinberg VSTi’s or am I missing something?

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bump - can’t imagine i’m the only person using Cubase with NI or Aruturia?? Would definitely appreciate someone shedding a little light on this. Thanks!

NI doesn’t come with vstpresets so you don’t appear in mediabay. When you create an Instrument Track with a NI (or any) plugin in it you can save it as a track preset and it will then be in mediabay.

Of course that is a lot of work if you want ALL of them!! :wink:

That’s what I do.

Actually I like it. It’s tidy, since I only save the presets I like and need. And I get to name them more appropriately.
But I do wish there were an easier way, if there isn’t one that I’ve forgotten… at some point I may have given up on fully using the preset manager. Too many times, I hit the button and nothing shows up, right after I just saved it.