Selecting, swapping content of specific voices when working with more than 2?

I have experimented with adding new keyboard shortcuts and was able to set some basic ones in preferences “select up stem 1”, etc. I also programmed “move selected voice to the next voice on staff” function. Now, I wanted to see if I could program more selection shortcuts to let me select just voice 1, and 3 once I have all three written already and then swapping the content? It doesn’t seem to be anywhere under “preferences” “commands” “filters”…

In a three voice situation you could select the passage, set the Filter to Deselect, then Filter (Deselect) the second voice, then Swap.

Well, that works, but…I am a person who almost never uses drop-down menus (unless I learn new software), and so I wanted to be able to program anything found under the drop-down menu, which is also the “deselect” function. I couldn’t find it under “filter”, nor “selection and navigation” in preferences. Is there a way to speed up the work flow and avoid three clicks of the mouse (which is what it takes to get to have a middle voice selected), and then fourth one to swap the voice? I know it is a lazy person question, but if there were these two additional shortcuts it would take only one click on the staff + two shortcuts to make the whole operation. Thanks a bunch!

30 min, later…

Found it! I did find “filter select, deselect” under “edit” in preferences. Brilliant! I also found that previously set shortcuts for “select voice 1” etc. are reversed under “deselect”.

Filter Select/Deselect is a toggle.

You set Deselect first, and then Filter whatever the middle voice is. Both of those things can be assigned to shortcuts.

What are the two additional shortcuts you’re looking for? The second one, which is to Swap, is already available. What’s the first one?

Thanks! I did set both shortcuts already (select/deselect, swap).

Option + 1,2, 3- select voice respectively (this works opposite when in “deselect” mode)
Option + Control + 1 - move voice to the next on staff
Control + Shift + Z - select
Control + Shift + X - deselect
Control + Shift + S - swap voice content

In my case, I found it useful to use “deselect” mode first, then press my shortcut for select/deselect voice (“Option + 2” would either select/deselect voice 2), and then simply “Control + Shift + S” to swap.

I hope someone will find it useful.