selecting the output on multiple tracks via mixer

i jumped from C4 to C6 so if this is something that changed in the transition to C5, forgive my ignorance.
in C4 i could select multiple tracks in the mixer, hold down alt and choose an output at the top of the mixer to re-route all the selected tracks to say a group channel. this was very convenient to me for say routing an entire multitrack drum performance to its own group for compression and what not. this does not seem to work in C6. has this function changed or am i missing something?
any help would be most appreciated.


See the undocumented features in this post for full details of operations affecting selected channels.

Or just hold down shift/alt.

ahhh… have to use shift as well as alt. i will give it a try tomorrow. your link mentioned using this combination for send routing but i will assume it works for channel outputs as well.

thanks a bunch. that was driving me crazy.


Just Shift actually - I went from C4 to 6 and had the same problem


really? just shift? i swear i already tried alt, ctrl, shift and none of them worked. maybe i hit caps lock or something. well i will give it a go next time i am at my studio.