Selecting The Same Color On Multiple Channels

Hi folks,
I can select multiple channels and simultaneously change their inputs, outputs, channel settings, etc but this doesn’t seem to work for changing the channel colors. Is there a way to do this or do I have to change them individually?
Thanks for your thoughts.


Make sure nothing is selected on the arrange page, then select the channels you want and select the colour, bingo.

Thanks for the reply Split.
Hmmm. That isn’t working for me. I have a project with 20 vocal channels. 9-20 are all different colors. I selected all those channels by holding the shift key so that they are all white. I changed the output routing by holding the shift key and changing the output in the inspector. They all responded simultaneously. I tried the same sequence with the color change and it only changes one channel. (the top selected channel) I tried it with and without the shift key but to no avail. Any other thoughts?

I’ve never found a way to do this either… would be handy!

and more colours please!

and more colours please!

You literally have millions of colors to choose from. You can increase (or decrease) color selection count and make them any color you want from the Color Menu. Available on the main Info bar at the top. Right Click to make it visible (if it isn’t already) and edit away.

Thanks Weasel! That works. It will change the color on all selected channels with one click. And yes, you have more than a plethora of choices for different colors if need be. That speeds my work flow considerably.

Maybe it’s my eyes but all the colors look the same. :slight_smile:

What about different colors for different lanes in a given track is that possible?

Looks like you got it working, the secret is to make sure no parts are selected, i.e nothing selected on the arrange page, only the channels you want to change colour.

…and the secret is do it from the color selector at the top (as you said) not the one on the track. This is what confused me initially too.

Well now isn’t this handy, learning new stuff everyday. Thanks Split.