Selecting track with arrow keys

Hi all!

In cubase 6.5, with the “edit channel settings” window in front, you could edit a setting and then press on the up / down key to move to the next track. Now with cubes 8.5, the section inside the window gets highlighted for some unknown reason as soon as I touch a setting and that gets me annoyed because I often want to move to the next/previous track and make changes there.

Is there any fix, a change in the settings I can make so it will behave similarly to cubase 6.5 - that it will not highlight the edited section / the arrow keys will still move the window to edit the previous/next track?

Thank you and sorry if this issue has been brought up in another thread.


I forgot to mention that I already had the option “Use Up/Down Navigation Commands for Selecting Tracks only” checked, but after disabling or enabling this feature I don’t see any change in the behaviour. I never understood really what is the purpose of this setting.

I found that I could make a shortcut for Project > Select Track: Next / Previous
and using those keys will switch tracks.

Now I wonder… What is the purpose of the highlighting of a section inside “edit channel settings”?
Can I disable it?


This is the “focus” think. The focus just switches to the Channel Settings window, once you start to edit there. Same as the focus switches to the MixConsole or Project window, or any editor window.