Selecting tracks by clicking in arranger window


since I’m coming from ProTools, I’m missing certain behaviors that I’ve gotten used to. One of those is the following:

In PT, the cursor can refer to one or several tracks by clicking an empty area, OR all tracks by clicking the ruler. This makes switching solo between tracks while editing foley etc. very convenient (and you need to to that a LOT).
In Nuendo the cursor does not reference particular tracks at all, only the general timecode.
In order to solo the tracks you work on, you always have to go back and forth between the editing area and the track headers to select them.
I’d like to click an empty area in the arranger window (thereby selecting the underlying track or tracks) and solo it per shortcut.

In this example, I’m working on track 4, but track 3 keeps being selected. I’d like the track selection to follow my editing selection, if that makes sense.

Is it possible to get Nuendo to behave this way? I’ve not found anything of the like, glad for help, that’d be great!

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SOLUTION: Preferences>Editing>Select Track on Background Click.
I’ll just leave this here for future searches.