Selecting tracks for Control Room

I was wondering if there was a way to select (or de-select from Main Mix) some tracks specific to the Control Room, without creating a separate Cue Mix, and of course without affecting the Main Mix output ? In other words, is the default control room ALWAYS reflecting the Main Mix or is there a way to remove a few tracks and send them to (one of) the Control Room output(s), again without using one of the available 4 separate Cue Mixes ?

Listen Bus?

Yeah I guess that if you set the Listen Dim level to -infinite that does the job. It is not exactly what Listen feature is meant for but it is an acceptable workaround. I would have expected something more in line with what is done for the Cue Mixes. But as I said that does the job. Thanks.

Hi, hmmm… you made me think… finally what you request is to allow for more cue mixes than there are cue Outputs.

Not a bad idea imho.

Cheers, ernst