Selecting Unmeasured Bars

I just imported an old XML orchestral file from Finale, and to my surprise it is full of unmeasured bars.
I notice I cannot filter for the “X” time signature signposts and delete them.
I cannot use Select More on the “X” time signature signposts and delete them.
I can CTRL+Click them, but often when I click one of them, several unclicked “X” signposts light up (highlight) before I select them.

Although I hope I shall never stumble on a like situation in the future, is there any hope that down the line either the “X” signposts could be selectable by Filter or Add More, or that there could be a color distinction made between selected and grouped but not selected “X” signposts in CTRL+CLICK?

I admit this is not a common problem.

Have you tried selecting the barline? It’s part on the time signature and often, deleting the barline of a weird time signature solves the problem — an implicit barline takes the place of the culprit explicit one.

I tried that but lost the barline along with the “X” signpost and could not do multiples at the same time. I ended up having to click/shift+click each “X” manually. It took a while.

I think the cause was using large time signatures in the Finale file I exported from.

You’d be much better off making the change in Finale to show time signatures on every staff before exporting the MusicXML file.

I agree.