Selecting vsti track in project window does not show corresponding mixer channel

Can it be done?

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As above, but another way of doing it.

It works for audio channels, of course. I wanted a solution for vsti’s. I know it would involve that Cubase would have to know through the vsti what outputs are enabled and so on - bu I’d guess that is a bit to much to ask…

I guess I’m not the only one having to scroll through 200 channels while playing to find what Omnisphere track is playing. :hot_face:

You can solo or turn on monitoring as well, but…

Thanks for answering!

This works for VSTi’s perfectly fine if it is on an Instrument Track. When the Instrument Track was introduced that was one of the main features that separated it from MIDI Tracks - the integration of both MIDI and Audio on a single Track type.

MIDI Tracks are for when you don’t want or need that integration, Instrument Tracks are for when you do.

THANK YOU! :heart_eyes: I have wondered what they were for. I’m not lazy - I have read the manual from cover to cover a few times but managed to miss that for years.

Next pangalactic gargle blaster is on me!

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I think the thing that threw me off was the suspicion that you have to create an instance for every instrument you use i.e. If you need 8 channels of Omnisphere you cannot simply have one instance of the vsti and use the separate outputs but I really hope I’m wrong on that matter.

Anyone care to fill me in?


Yes you can enable multiple Audio Outputs if the VSTi allows it and they will appear in the Mixconsole. But if you select the Instrument Track in the Project Window, in the MixConsole only the VSTi’s main outputs will be auto Selected. But of course you can select any of the other Outputs by clicking on them.

Many folks think that it is better to have one single instance of a VSTi like Omnisphear or Halion playing 5 different instruments than having 5 instances of Halion each playing one instrument. While that intuitively makes sense, it really isn’t true.

Having a single instance doing a bunch of work means that all that work will occur on a single CPU core. But if you spread that work onto multiple instances of the VSTi Cubase can spread that work over multiple cores.

Thanks again. For once I have a Mac mini that won’t balk even for a 200 track arrangement with 32 individual vsti plus 6 fully utilised Omnisphere with a few hundred vst effects thrown in @ 384 buffer setting with no external dsp yada yada. I like having 6 instances of Omni doing 8 timbres each over 48 instances. I tend to divide the arrangement by part instead of by instruments and one instance of Omni takes very well care of the intro etc.

Many thanks. This will mean another day of template work. Well - I tend to like template work…

Cheers - Anodyne

I’m living in Template revision central right now. Migrated to new PC after old one crashed - which is mostly finished. But I decided to rebuild my main Template from scratch. The old one I think has been continuously modified since SX times. Besides the clean start I’m trying to get rid of all the little things that bugged me in the old one.

I tend to regard template revision as a continuous work. A complete sucker for workflow enhancements.

And I’m OCD enough to never stop bug fixing… :zipper_mouth_face: