Selecting Where to Start Playback

I started a project with one flow, and today added another one, which I then moved to be first instead of second. However, when I hit play, it will only start with the original flow (meaning it starts in the middle of the project), and I can’t seem to get the play-cursor to move to the true start. What do I do?

This sounds like it could be a bug we need to fix. In the short term, you can start playback from an arbitrary point by making a selection and pressing “p”.

In the meantime we’ll investigate the issue further.

I’d interested to know what happens when you reach the end of your “old” second flow. Does it stop and not carry onto the “old” first flow?

Ah, selecting and pressing ‘p’ does work.

I played it to the end of the original first flow (new second flow) and it just stopped as normal. The problem seems to be when I hit the back-to-beginning button, it only goes to the beginning of the original first flow (new second flow), instead of to the beginning of the project, even when it’s playing the new first flow (sorry if this is confusing…)

And yes, when I play the “old” second flow (new first one), it does stop and not carry on to the next one.

Thanks for confirming that. I’ve raised the issue in our issue tracker.